Saturday, 26 February 2011

A lot of 1st's

With Monday looming fast I'm hoping for nice weather to get everything setup.

Once everything is setup there will be a huge lists of 1st's...

First SSTV Qso
First PSK31 Qso
First Voice Qso etc etc

I will also looking into awards like 'Work every country' 'Worked every UK county' .... So many things to get set up for.

Any hints / tips about awards etc would be greatly appreciated as it's a mine field !

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Almost there...

Well after waiting for what seemed like ages all the radio equipment arrived safely !!!!!!

My setup now is:
Yaesu FT 897D
LDG AT-897 Auto tuner
MP 8230 PSU

The aerials are:
Snowdonia SRC HF 360 Vertical 
Diamond X-30 2m/70cms Colinear

I now have to wait until Monday until an aerial installer can come and fit a 18" T & K bracket so that i can mount the Snowdonia SRC HF 360 Vertical as i was hoping to mount it onto the UPVC fascia but unfortunately its too narrow so have to get a bracket fitted.

Monday, 21 February 2011

2m coverage

Currently im using a Kenwood TM 251e 2m mobile rig (10W) with a 'Knocked up' J-pole... My local repeater is GB3SC and as you can see from the map im roughly in the center of the coverage (red star icon).

Now, the repeater is only about 9 miles away (Bournemouth GB3SC) and im told i can get into the repeater ok but i only ever manage to contact someone either between me and the repeater or the other side of me towards the Southampton repeater (GB3SH) but never manage to hear anyone the other side of either repeater.. I was told by someone that lives between the Bournemouth repeater and the Weymouth repeater (GB3DR) that he always hear's alot his side so what am i doing wrong? Any ideas as all i can usually hear is the local Echolink repeater which is very close to me (MB7IBH)...

My QSL Card

Here is my first attempt at a qsl card.... this is what i will be using until i get some professional ones made up

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cq Cq Cq M6ODC

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

My names Glenn I'm 39 and disabled from Dorset on the south coast of England.

I recently passed my Foundation Amateur Radio Licence and this blog is here to share my thoughts, findings and your responses (hopefully)...

I am a member of the RAIBC who are a charity that help disabled and visually impaired amateur radio operators stay on the airwaves even tho we have disadvantages...Thanks guys !!!

Im also a member of the RSGB who are the UK's leading source of info / help for amateur radio operators

So feel free to comment on anything that I post as I have come into amateur radio totally blind (non electrical, non electronical background) and am on a huge (but fun) learning curve.

73 Glenn M6ODC