Sunday, 23 December 2012

Virtual Radar Working !

Well i finally got round to trying to sort out Virtual radar using the new dongle and finally ! it works.. well it probably did along along i just missed a setting to not make it work lol. I had a new version of RTL1090 that had a few more options than the last build and a quick click of those to enable them and off it went...

As you can see there are aircraft being tracked but due to not having a BaseStation.sql or OperatorFlags file at the time it only showed the bare minimum info. I later aquired an SBS Basestation.sql file and all is well.

I was blown away by the range of the new dongle from it is about 60 miles when using the Miniscan Scannign antenna from Rocket Radio ! I will have to run a comparision with the 4" antenna that came from to see if there is any difference.

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