Monday, 1 July 2013

Back in the saddle....

After a little while away i've got back into digital modes after Chris M5AGG put up the new M0CVO LW-20 (80-6m) end fed Longwire the other day. Initial tests (its very early days yet) seem to be favourable over the SRC 360 HF (80-6m) end fed Verticle and its nice to be able to hear stations that are S3-S4 and not only those strong signals that are louder than S8-S9 noise on the vertical.

I came across my 30mdg certificate and loaded up the U30 software it uses for its awards program and started off on getting some of their lovely certificates.. only 26 QSO's left to get for the first award (worked 30 stations on 30m).

Whilst off for my daily sleep to straighten out my spine i decided to leave WSPR running at 5w on the longwire (11:30-14:30 GMT) and here is the trace for 30m.

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